Thursday, November 29, 2007

Virtual Job Fairs...Are they for me?

Oh, how employers are making looking for a new job or career so easy for us!!!

Everywhere you look you see advertisements for job fairs telling you to show up at a specific location and at a specific time and date. Oh and do not forget to make sure that you are dress in your best and bring lots of resumes!!

Sure if you have time to take off work to drive to where they tell you to be on that specific time and date you will definitely be there, BUT what if you don’t have the time to appear in person at the specific location and specific time and date? What are your options?

VIRTUAL JOB FAIRS – The latest and greatest way to find your next job or career!

The virtual job fairs (VJFs) are great since the majority of us have jobs currently and don’t have the time to appear in person. These VJFs are great because you can sit back at home (or at your desk at work) and search for jobs that fit your criteria! You can do research on companies that you are interested in before actually apply to them or even just look to see what positions companies are hiring for. How great is that…. I can sit in front of my computer and I can find jobs that apply to me instead of having to drive across town to only find a couple of companies that might be a potential fit for me!

Check out some virtual job fairs that are going on now or in the near future!

Click here to view current and upcoming Virtual Job Fairs

Friday, November 9, 2007

AARP Job Fair


That is what I can say about the job fair we held with AARP yesterday! We had a fantastic turn-out from all levels of ages. Even though we had a small location the jobseekers kept on coming!

We had people looking for executive level positions, IT positions, Manufacturing, Retail, Customer Service you name it we had the jobseekers!

I walked around to each table and spoke with every company about the types of candidates that they spoke with and they were so pleased at the turn-out we had. Everyone was getting great leads for future employment! Isn’t that what a job fair is all about?

So the next time you get an opportunity to attend one, dress your best and come with lots of resumes because companies are looking for you!

To see a full list of Job Fairs is holding
click here.

If you do not see your location get comment me or email me with your location and I will be happy to find out when the nextjob fair is coming to your town!

Friday, November 2, 2007

Are you being productive in your work environment?

Are you being productive in your work environment?

You ask anybody in your office just one question, “were you able to complete all of your tasks for the day?”

What do you think theirs or you’re answer would be, NO! This is very common among offices now days, but we ask ourselves what truly motives us to work? There are many offices that look at specific incentives that they can handout to make the employee work harder to increase their productivity, however, this is a short term solution to a long term issue.

According to, “Creating a work environment in which employees are productive is essential to increased profits for your organization, corporation or small business. Principles of management that dictate how, exactly, to maximize employee productivity center around two major areas of focus: personal motivation and the infrastructure of the work environment.” To read the full story on click here.

With that being said can we actual give incentives to push an employee to produce more? Or is it just the environment that an employee is in? There are many other ways we can work with an individual to produce more; however, everyone is different so not one solution is going to make everyone motivated. So what motivated you everyday?